2008, the new urban crossover set to attract global customers

With the 2008, the Marque capitalises on its expertise acquired with the success of the 3008

Crossover to create an innovative vehicle for the B segment. Set to go on sale in spring 2013, it joins in the dynamic of the offensive successfully initiated by the 208.

Peugeot innovates by designing the first urban crossover that is easy, exciting and brings an enhanced driving experience:

  • An innovative cockpit, structured around the small steering wheel, combining high-quality instrumentation and touch screen – as is the strategy for the brands products,
  • A dynamic behaviour synonymous with enjoyment, with Peugeot’s ride and handling expertise,
  • Freedom to go on mixed terrain due to raised ground clearance, protection and Grip Control.

"In the 2008, the Marque has the vehicle which will secure its leadership in the segment in Europe and which will win new customers in Asia and Latin America." Maxime Picat, Director General, Peugeot Automobiles

"With the 2008, Peugeot is continuing its products offensive and capitalises on the success of the 3008 by launching a new crossover, urban and innovative, set to win over an international clientele" Xavier Peugeot, Peugeot Product Director

An international  concept

On all continents, the world is changing, becoming more urbanised. The new generation of people love the city as much as they like to escape from it. Dynamic, flexible, they move constantly  from one configuration  to another  life. Regardless of their continent,  they  are looking  for products to enhance their image and enchant their lives.

With this in mind, the brand has developed a specification of ambitious targets. The crossover by Peugeot combines a unique driving experience, with strong design and benefits of use. The challenge was to integrate this DNA design across three geographic areas for a vehicle for a global clientele. The 2008 sold in Europe is produced in the factory in Mulhouse (France).

At just 4.16m long and 1.74m wide, 2008 innovates by combining uniquely exciting driving, the robustness of  an SUV with  the  practicality  of  space, comfort  and modularity so to  enjoy  each moment.  Equally at home in town  and on the road, it can escape the restrictions  of a city  with confidence and ease due to its enhanced traction of Grip Control

"Customers demand style, driving pleasure, functionality  and good quality. The teams in France, China and Brazil have worked together to make these the DNA of the 2008!” Brigitte Courtehoux, Director, 2008 Project

A unique style for a new territory

The 2008 reinvents the standards of large volume vehicles in the small car segment. Innovative from first  glance,  it  successfully  merges  the  worlds.  The  strong  stylistic   trend  affirms  its  identity contributing to practicality,  volume and driving experience.

"2008 has the ability to merge world cultures to offer a design that can exceed customer expectations." Gilles Vidal, Peugeot Design Director

"Creating the 2008 has been a real challenge but we had a very precise idea of the vehicle that we wanted  to offer customers. The style brought  to life in an early phase did not require any major modifications up until production. The very first sketch was perfect.” Eric Dejou, 2008 Style Manager

With its raised posture, the 2008 runs on ‘Mud&Snow’ tyres and 17’’ alloy wheels in a matt finish. The special shape of the wheel arch surrounds give the 2008 a good stance of clear capability. The black  bumpers  and  body  sills  protect  it,  together  with  stainless  steel  front  and  rear  off-road protection panels with chromed side mouldings.

The front face adopts the stylistic codes of the Marque. The components are adjusted precisely, all surplus material removed. Finely sculpted, the bonnet demonstrates the protection, strength and lightness of the 2008. The floating  grille is cut from a block and is set upright with an expression which is both refined and full  of power. The innovative  headlamps are designed precisely to the technical functions. Sharp, they act with the bodywork to outline a cat's pupil. Sculpted, they are one with the front face, giving it an even more expressive, technological  and individual character. This look  is emphasised by LED day running  lamps. The bonnet  and wings complete  this reassuring impression of precision, protection and strength, yet still lightweight.

The new urban crossover has very elegant and sophisticated sculpted wings and sides, indicating clear athletic  qualities. The generous glazed surfaces, including the panoramic roof, promise a spacious interior  open to its surroundings.  The rear elegantly  combines strength with  dynamism. The boot volume, with a low loading sill, has above it a roof with dynamic curves, inspired by the RCZ. The wide tailgate  is framed by lamps secured solidly  to the bodywork.  Floating  inside their housing, the three luminous claws lit at their base by LEDs appear suspended.

The dynamic and elegant movement of the roof is also a feature of the profile. A roof wave emerges above the rear seats and sets the scene for an exclusive decoration  as if cut into the metal. As if crimped to the bodywork,  it is the origin  of the spoiler in an extension of the same part, on the surface. The precise design of the roof bars puts the finishing touches to the concepts of dynamism and leisure expressed by the 2008.

"The 2008  offers a truly  new concept -  its bold design combines the elegance and dynamism  of Peugeot's new hatchbacks, the impertinence and strength of a modern SUV but also the versatility of a small vehicle of large volume.” Pierre Authier, head of Style of the 208/2008 range

An innovative driving experience in the crossover segment

From first glance, the interior of the 2008 takes its driver on a journey along new roads. Grip Control dial and aircraft type handbrake arranged on an exclusive console, new Brundy trim with an earthy tone  …  the  driver  is transported  in  an elegant  ambiance  with  striking  colour  schemes. A true invitation  to touch, the fascia capping is covered in a silky material. Satin chrome parts brighten this space: vents, handbrake lever, small steering wheel lower decoration, gear lever knob ears, touch screen trims (more detailed information on page 9).

On the higher levels, two versions of the console are available. The first offers paint of very intense depth, combining mat and metallic  flecks. The second has a network of graduated fine lines. This design is obtained by means of a very precise laser engraving process. The fascia trim, the front and rear door crossbars are also adorned with this design.

As on the outside, the light  signature is a constituent  part of the passenger compartment  of the 2008. So the atmosphere on board is like no other. Ideally placed in the line of vision, the head up dials on the higher versions are surrounded with blue LED backlighting  whereas they are chromed on the other versions.

The panoramic  glass roof, fitted  with  its electric  shutter, allows  natural  light  into  the passenger compartment. When the lights are switched on, the LED guides emit a dimmed blue light. However, even with the steel roof, the 2008 offers a unique light signature.  In fact, it innovates with a roof adorned with motifs of a very precise design obtained by laser engraving. At night, the Peugeot LED Track is lit with a soft white light emitted by LEDs.

"We wanted to create an exceptional on board space for our customers which takes care of all the occupants and offers them new sensations. The unique ergonomics of the instruments and controls, the careful choice of materials, the quality  of assembly, the light  ambience ... the 2008 stimulates the senses.” Agnès Tesson Faget, 2008 Product Project Manager

With the international success of the 3008, Peugeot acquired extensive expertise in the crossover which it has decided to combine with its driving experience expertise. The 2008 benefits from benchmark handling  in the segment being the first crossover with  the driving characteristics of a hatchback. Anticipating the road thanks to his high position, the driver controls the vehicle by means of a small steering wheel. As the reactive steering provides consistent information about the road, he places the 2008 with precision and agility.

The suspension and wheels have been adjusted precisely to take advantage of the limited weight of 1045kg. The fine-tuning  related to the pseudo-McPherson front axle and the rear suspension with deformable crossmember with springs and dampers which have been specially calibrated, as has the power steering. So, the 2008 achieves an excellent combination of comfort, stability and dynamism. The driver can therefore  take pleasure in reactive driving while  guaranteeing  the comfort  of his passengers.

Grip Control for improved traction

This system patented by the Group optimises traction  in conditions of poor grip. It combines with the 16cm ground clearance an advanced traction  control system and ‘Mud&Snow’; tyres, fitted on wheel rims of distinctive style combining a diamond cut finish and a matt finish.

Versatile and flexible, Grip Control adapts to the terrain encountered by acting on the front wheels with the driver always in control. Indeed, they can decide at any time to select from Standard mode using the dial located on the centre console, for: Snow, Off-Road, Sand, ESP Off conditions.

On the 2008, Grip Control (full description on page 10) is available with two sizes of tyres: 215/60 R16 or 205/50 R17.

"With the Grip Control, the driver immediately wants to make the most of the 2008 off the beaten track. For the customer, Grip Control offers additional features without additional fuel consumption." Francis Delion, Peugeot Customer Synthesis

Park Assist, making parking a pleasure

By automating  parking manoeuvres, this technological  equipment exploits the compactness of the

2008 to make moving around town easier. After activating the function, the driver selects the manoeuvre to be carried out on the touch screen, parallel parking on the left or right-hand  side of the road. Then the ultrasound measures the spaces to indicate to the driver the first space available. The Park Assist then parks the vehicle by action of the electric power steering, the driver no longer having to do anything but check the progress of his vehicle and surrounding objects.

To leave the space, nothing could be easier. Simply call on the intelligence of the Park Assist once more, even on a hill thanks to the Hill Assist function, available on all engines with the exception of the 1.4-litre e-HDi 68 and the 1.2-litre VTi 82 5-speed manual.

The 2008 is also ...

Safety of the highest level: primary, secondary and tertiary

In a vehicle, safety  begins with  a comfortably seated driver, at  one with  his environment.  The intuitive  architecture  of the 2008's  instruments  and controls  has been developed to achieve this objective. The small steering wheel is the symbol of this; it illustrates the ease of taking control of the 2008 and the driving precision. The head up instrument panel reduces the time needed to obtain information.  The large 7” touch screen, at the driver's fingertips, minimises commands for control of the audio/navigation.  The driver can also count on the cruise control-speed limiter which is standard on all versions, on the chassis adjustments and on a range of other equipment. The 2008 creates an alliance never experienced until now, combining safety, reactive driving and ease.

All versions of the 2008 are fitted as standard with an ESP, disconnectable up to 50km/h / 30mph, which  combines several functions:  anti-skid  regulation  (ASR),  stability  control  (CDS), emergency braking assistance (EBA) and electronic brake force distribution (EBFD). The whole acts on four brake discs regardless of the version chosen. However, they are adapted to the different engines for improved characteristics (performance and durability). So, at the front, the ventilated discs are of two different sizes: 266 x 22mm and 283 x 26mm for the most powerful versions. At the rear, the range is equipped with non-ventilated discs of 249 x 9mm.

The structure of the 2008 is designed for optimum deformation in the event of an impact. In this case it diffuses the energy in the force channels which guarantee the integrity  of the passenger compartment. The occupants are protected by a set of six airbags – two front, two side, two curtain. The side air bags are installed  in the front  seat backs. So, the front  occupants are provided with optimum protection,  regardless of the adjustment of the seats. For the safety of children, the passenger's front airbag can be disconnected to permit the installation of a "rear facing" child seat while the rear side seats are equipped with Isofix mountings with three fixing points.

The active footrest  and the collapsible steering column contribute  to the protection  of the driver, while the connection between the front doors and the centre pillar is guaranteed by a retention pin.

The 2008 also benefits from the Marque's leadership in terms of tertiary safety. When equipped with the Independent Telematic Unit, the urban crossover offers the Peugeot Connect SOS and Peugeot Connect Assistance services free of charge and with no time limit.  In the event of an incident, the vehicle is geolocated and the assistance process triggered.

Since its launch in 2003, more than 760,000 Peugeot vehicles in 10 European countries have been equipped with these services. They have permitted  rapid attendance of the emergency services in more than 6,500 serious situations.

A large volume, easy to use

With its wheelbase of 2.54m, the 2008 offers interior characteristics of a high level. The rear passengers have a generous amount  of space, thanks to the thinner  front  seat backs, and a 12v socket for the connection of a portable device. Without leaving their seat, they can access the boot even when the vehicle is moving. To permit this, the front part of the load space cover pivots.

From the outside, access to the large boot is just as easy with a large rectangular opening and a low loading sill, just 60cm high, trimmed with a brushed stainless steel protector. The 1/3-2/3  modular bench seat allows you to change the volume from 360 to 1194dm3, of which 22dm3  are under the floor, with a single gesture. One press on the control at the top of the rear seat back is all it takes to fold the seat back, the seat cushion retracts automatically.

To make handling objects easier, the floor has five rails which run from the sill to the front seats. Six chromed hooks allow  them to be secured safely. Practical down to the smallest detail, the boot offers two storage areas on the sides, with a retaining  strap and a storage net, and an additional space of 22-litres under the boot mat.

Wherever they are sitting, passengers find numerous storage compartments, well designed and easy to locate  thanks to the front  and rear courtesy lamps: front  door trays, glove box, tray  and can holder near the gear lever, console closed storage compartment, pockets on the front seat backs .... In total,  the storage volume is 24-litres. So, keys, smartphones and other everyday objects always find a place in the 2008.

An efficient range of engines

Taking advantage of the light-weight design, aerodynamic silhouette and the wide range of engines makes it possible to have low fuel consumption and low emissions from just 3.8 l/100km / 61.8mpg and CO2 from 98g/km (detailed description on page 11).

The expertise and technological  innovation  of the Group – introduction  of the Stop&Start on the petrol engines, Diesel e-HDi engines, new generation 3-cylinder petrol engines – position the 2008 as the leader in its segment by successfully combining protection  of the environment and driving pleasure.

"The 2008 is truly multi-talented. It combines the concepts for new sensations while offering benchmark low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. With both petrol and diesel engines, the 2008 starts with CO2 at less than 100g /km!" Laurent Blanchet, Peugeot Product Range Director

New generation 3-cylinder petrol engines

Designed entirely by the Group, the new generation of 3-cylinder petrol engines has already proved its efficiency in terms of consumption and emissions of CO2. But it is also compact and light with, for the 1.2 VTi, a reduction of 21kg compared to a 4-cylinder engine of equivalent power.

A complete Stop&Start range: e-VTi petrol and e-HDi Diesel

This technology was introduced successfully by the e-HDi engines on the 508 and 308 before being popularised by the 208. Today, the e-VTi engines launched by the 2008 allow customers choosing petrol to enjoy the same benefits.

“Stop&Start allows the 2008 to offer excellent fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions while retaining a high level of driving pleasure. The six engines fitted with this system start with CO2 at only 98g/km for diesel and 99g/km for petrol.” Eric Tomietto, Stop&Start Project Manager

Fitted on both the petrol and Diesel engines, this technology, which reduces consumption and increases the comfort of use, is now available on 6 of the 9 engines of the 2008 range.

The 1.2 e-VTi is coupled with a development of the automated gearbox which offers a creep-drive function and reduces CO2 emissions to only 99g/km. For Diesel, the range starts at 98g/km.

New Turbocharged 3-cylinder engines

In the months following  its launch, the engine range will be expanded versions of the supercharged three-cylinder  gasoline engine. Two power levels are available; 1.2-litre  e-THP 110 and 1.2-litre  e- THP 130 offer smooth driving characteristics, due mostly to its high torque, respectively of 205 and 230Nm.

With a high degree of technical sophistication, the 1.2-litre e-THP is 12kg lighter, compared to a 4- cylinder naturally  aspirated equivalent engine, even though it has a turbo, a larger cooling system and  that  it  offers  performance  with  45%  more  torque.  The fuel  consumption  improvement  is between 15 and 20%, depending on the version.

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Present in nearly 160 countries, with more than 10,000 points of contact, Peugeot combines rigorous design, appeal and passion in all its activities.

In 2012, the Marque achieved 1,700,000 sales worldwide,  reinforced its position as the 4th marque in Europe, accelerated its internationalisation in the major growth markets and continued its range enhancement. Peugeot is reaffirming its environmental commitment  by introducing diesel micro-hybridation and the powering of three HYbrid4 models using innovative full diesel hybrid technology.

Peugeot is the only marque to offer a complete mobility  product range with cars and utility  vehicles, scooters, bicycles and a wide range of services, including the Mu mobility  service.

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